The beauty of a room or a space is revealed when properly lit. Zoë first discovered this during her time working as a designer at the renowned lighting specialists, John Cullen Lighting, where she worked on a huge variety of projects both in the UK and abroad. In setting up as an independent lighting designer, Zoë wanted to work with other designers and suppliers for a greater design scope. Helping some of her clients choose and specify the decorative lighting, as well as the architectural lighting, has added an exciting dimension to her work.

Zoë graduated from Edinburgh University in History of Art & Architecture. Within this context, Zoe particularly enjoys the challenges of sympathetically lighting pictures and uncovering the essence of a room through light. Each room is looked at in detail to ensure an effective lighting scheme that is in accordance with the room’s design.

Most importantly, Zoë strongly believes that all new designs should be environmentally responsible and the use of LED’s are integral to this. Making the right choice of LED’s to achieve colour consistency and longevity is a crucial part of the design process.

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“When recently asked what’s the part of the house I like the most, I replied the lights! The choices that you made and helped us to make have made this house so beautiful. Thank you so much for all your help. I am forever grateful.”

Amanda Nicolas